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TSXPCX1031-C,TSX08PRGCAB:RS232/RS485 cable for Schneider PLC programming cable


TSXPCX1031-C,TSX08PRGCAB:RS232/RS485 cable for Schneider PLC programming cable
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TSX08PRGCAB:RS232/RS485 cable for Schneider PLC programming cable


RS232/RS485 interface cable for Schneider PLC programming,3 meters,with master/slave switch,used for programming communication or other communication such as MODBUS.
The quality is guaranteed.It's tested before shippment.Not made by Schneider,OEM product as the replacement.


TSX08PRGCAB (also known as TSXPCX1031) is the programming cable which provide connection and the RS485 signal converter through the RS232 serial interface. The power of the cable is from the TER port of the PLC. TSX08PRGCAB can be used for Modicon TSX Series PLC of Schneider and PC or other equipment which provide the traditional RS232 serial port communications. The cable can communicate with TER interface of TSX Premium (57), TSX Micro (37), TSX Nano (07), TSX Naza (08) Twido PLC, and to realize the procedures to upload, download, surveillance and other function such as multi-point communication of MODBUS.


Since the AUX port of the PLC have no power output pins, TSX08PRGCAB can not use this port.
The snap switch located on the TSX08PRGCAB programming cable are used to choose a different mode of operation. The cable rejected the way which the transceivers of the RS485 is controlled by the PLC, and all the data transceivers is automatic controlled. It can be used for multi-point and point-to-point communications applications.


TER ports of the TSX Series PLC have a DPT signal pin, which is used to determine the work methods of the terminal TER. If the DPT for high-level, TER always work in the Uni-Telway Master (main station) mode, so the PLC programming in the corresponding way. If the DPT for low-level, the work methods of TER decide by the PLC.


Outline configuration:


Features and technological index:


● Power supply by the TER port of the PLC, current consumption is about 30 mA


● Baud rate: 300 bps ~ 230.4Kbps automatically adaptive


● RS232 port and RS485 port of cable with both Inrush protection and anti-static protection of ± 15kV


● Apply to the TSX Premium, Micro, Naza, Nano and Twido Series PLC


● Cable length: three meters, colors: black



TSX08PRG connect with computer and communicate with Schneider PLC need to install Uni-Telway or MODBUS driver to at first, for using the corresponding various PLC programming software, to realize the operations as upload, download, control and communications. These drivers are usually included in the programming software on CD-ROM And for the specific installation steps, please refer to the instruction files on the CD-ROM drivers,



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