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CP5512 6GK1551-2AA00 communication card


CP5512 6GK1551-2AA00 communication card
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CP5512 6GK1551-2AA00 communication card


SIMATIC NET communication card for laptop,correspond to Siemens 6GK1551-2AA00,optoelectronic isolated,anti-lightning and surging,suitable for laptop PCMCIA 32bit CardBus slot,is used to achieve PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL communication connection between PC and SIMATIC,communication speed is 9.6Kbps~12Mbps.After switched over by the transition card,it can be used for desk computer and secondary generation ExpressCard slot laptop.CP5512 +(PCI->PCMCIA) transition card,then can be used for desk computer;CP5512+ (PCMCIA(II)->PCMCIA)transition card,then can be used for secondary generation ExpressCard slot laptop.

Not made by Siemens,OEM product


CP5512 is the isolated PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL communication card specially for laptop,use iCoupler isolators eliminate optocoupler limitations instead of Photoelectric isolation,with small dimension,wide temperature range,and have anti-lightning and surging protective circuit and Overcurrent protection with restoration function on the RS485 interface,all use industrial IC in order to apply to wider temperature range,is used to achieve PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL communication connection between laptop and SIMATIC.

CP5512 insert laptop PCMCIA slot from outside.Its function and Features is the same as Siemens original CP5512(Siemens part nr 6GK1551-2AA00 ),and have the following new characters.

1. Card and RS485 adapter integrative design,small dimension,use conveniently and have anti-lightning and surging protective circuit on the RS485 interface.

2.Support hot plug, you can plug or unplug the card when the laptop is running.And card and adapter is integrated,so it’s not like original CP5512 which exist the hidden trouble that destroy the card when plug or unplug the card from the adapter with current.

3.Support common Express to PCMCIA transition card.You can use it on the Express slot laptop.

4.Support common PCI to PCMCIA transition card.You can use it on the desk computer and the function is the same as Siemens original CP5611 and CP5611 A2.

Communication service:

PROFIBUS-DP master station class 1 and 2

PROFIBUS-DP slave with SOFTNET-DP slave

MPI/PPI/FWL communication

S7 communication with SOFTNET-S7

S5-compatible communication (SEND/RECEIVE based on the FDL interface) with SOFTNET-DP or SOFTNET-S7

CP5512 can be used with:

STEP7 V5.2


SOFTNET-DP, SOFTNET-DP slave from V6.1

STEP 7-Micro/WIN from V3.2 SP4

ProTool®, ProTool/Pro® V6.0 SP2

NCM PC from V5.2


Technical Specification:

Transmission rate:9.6Kbps~12Mbps,the corresponding largest communication distance accord with PROFIBUS standard.

Interface:connect PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI,isolated 9 pin Sub-D connector.

Isolated voltage:1000VDC

Interface protection:have anti-lightning and surging protection(Ipp=100A 10/700us,4KV) on the RS485 interface.ITU-TK20/21,VDE 0433 standard. ±15KV ESD protection.Overcurrent protection with restoration function:RS485 port can withstand up to 60V voltage caused by continuous over-current.

Standard working voltage:3.3 VDC


Working temperature:-20~+75℃

Size:length* width * height (mm):130×54×5(DB9F plug height:22mm)



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