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USB/PPI+:optoelectronic isolated USB/PPI adapter


USB/PPI+:optoelectronic isolated USB/PPI adapter
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USB/PPI+:optoelectronic isolated USB/PPI adapter


USB/PPI+ is the direct replacement for USB and extra feature of Optical Isolated version of Siemens PLC S7-200 (6ES7 901-3DB30-0XA0) programming cable PC/PPI.

Outline configuration:

Features and technological index:

1.This cable contains all the necessary data conversion equipments to communicate between Siemens S7-200 series PLC and PC.

2.Brand New In Box.

3.It supports Windows2000/XP(WinNT4/95/98/Me/DO NOT Supported).

4.Cable length is about 3 meters.

5.Quality is guaranteed.

Note: It supports Windows2000/XP(WinNT4/95/98/Me/DO NOT Supported).


USB device drivers should be installed before using USB/PPI+ programming cable.After completing Driver installation,the corresponding COM port for the USB/PPI+ programming cable will be displayed in the “Device Manager” of Window.The step next is just to choose this COM port in the programming software and other application software and keep other communication parameters as in the Default settings.And the following steps are exactly the same as in the traditional programming cables with RS232 interfaces.Here are requested to indicate that "USB" option in the local communications interface setting which the software is not support to the programming cable.

If the COM port in the programming software with "*" symbols,such as "*COM3",it’s shown that the COM port have faults.Quit the software and plug a USB plug or re-install the USB driver.

This cable do not support the 187.5 Kbps baud rate as the same with the Siemens PC/PPI programming cable which with the RS232 interfaces.

Please note that Siemens COM port in programming software is up to support the option to COM8.But the ports more than COM8 are able to choose but in fact can not be used!

Long-distance communications:

The largest communications range between the USB/PPI+ and PLC are up to 2 kilometers (9600 bps),when external plus terminals 120 ohm resistance is needed to connect between the pin3 and pin8 of the RS485 ports (DB9 Male) to eliminate signal reflection, but also a 24 VDC power between the pin2 and pin7.And a PFB-G Bus Isolators is needed to install at the end of PLC.0.22 mm2 or more unshielded twisted pair lines are used for Communications.When the distance is Over 2,000m,a RS485 repeaters can be installed for extending the distance.

Please Note: USB interface cable cannot be extended.

The delivery takes 7-15 working days by singapore airmail,please leave your address when you place an order.


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