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FX2N-422-BD RS422 communication Board for FX2N


FX2N-422-BD RS422 communication Board for FX2N
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FX2N-422-BD has RS422 Board for FX2N PLC,anti-static electricity & surging protection.

The FX2N-422-BD for RS422 communication board (422BD) can be connected to an FX2N Series programmable controller,and used as a port for programming and monitoring tools.
When the 422BD is used,two DU Series units can be connected to the FX2N or a DU Series unit and a programming tool.However, only one programming tool can be connected at once.Only one 422BD can be connected to a base unit.Also,the 422BD cannot be used together with the FX2N-485-BD or the FX2N-232-BD.

Dimensions :mm (inches)

Accessory:M3 self-tapping screws 2

1----Mounting holes (2-4.0(0.16"))

2----Connector for programmable controller

3----Connector (MINI DIN 8-pin) for peripheral unit

The top face of this connector is higher than the top face of the panel cover of the programmable controller by approximately 3 mm (0.12") or by approximately 50 mm(1.97") when the cable is connected.

Suitable products and connecting cables:

*1: When using other products or cables please check the product manual for required 5V DC supply.
*2: FX-2PIF can not be connected to the FX2N-422-BD.

General specification:

General specifications are the same as those for the FX2N series programmable controller.

Power supply specification:

The 422BD requires 60mA 5V DC supplied from the programmable controller.The 5V DC power capacity of the programmable controller is 290 mA maximum.This is used by peripheral units and special function blocks as well as the 422BD.Make sure that the power capacity does not exceed this value.For the details,refer to the hardware manual.For additional current consumption increases,refer to section 3.

Performance specification:

Cautions for use

1) When using any 422BD,do not use any other communication format or parameters.If the communication format or parameters is set, programming is not possible.

2) Only one programming tool (such as FX-10P, FX-20P, etc.) should be connected to either the programming port or the port provided on the 422BD.If a programming tool is connected to both connectors,the following may occur.

a) The program inside the programmable controller may not be consistent with the program inside the programming tool.If the program is modified or the set value for timers or counters is modified,a part of the program may be damaged and the programmable controller may malfunction.

b) When the sampling trace function of the programmable controller is used from both ports,the correct sampling trace result cannot be obtained.


1.  Make sure that the cable connected is correct.

2. Make sure that the programmable controller is connected,and that the POWER LED is on.

3. Make sure that the communication format is in the initial state (D8120 = K0).Check using a peripheral unit how the communication p


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