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TSXPCU1030 RS232 Schneider PLC programming cable


TSXPCU1030 RS232 Schneider PLC programming cable
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TSXPCU1030:RS232 interface Schneider PLC programming cable



RS232 interface Schneider PLC programming cable,connection between TSX Nano and PC compatible (9-pin SUB-D connector),3 meters,(9.8 ft),master station mode.

This is a direct replacement cable for Schneider Modicon TSX Premium(57),TSX Micro(37),TSX Nano(07),TSX Naza(08) PLC programming cable.Can also connect to Twido PLC's TER or AUX .

This is guarantee to work or your money back.Embedded with this cable is the necessary data conversion equipments to communicate between PLC and PC. 

Not isolated,so it doesn't support hot plug,if need isolated cable,pls choose TSXPCU1030+.
The quality is guaranteed.It's tested before shippment.Not made by Schneider,OEM product as the replacement.


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