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USB AFC8513 PLC Programming Cable For Panasonic FP0 FP2 FP-X


USB AFC8513 PLC Programming Cable For Panasonic FP0 FP2 FP-X
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USB-AFC8513 programming cable provides serial connection and RS232 signal conversion through the USB interface drivers running on your computer under the control of the computer's USB interface to simulate the traditional serial port (commonly known as the COM port), which use existing programming software, communications software and monitoring software and other applications. The working power of the cable from the USB port, no longer by the PLC programming port powered, two-color light-emitting diodes on the converter box to indicate the data transceiver state.
USB-AFC8513 programming cable for Panasonic FP0, FP2, FP-M series PLC directly connected FP0, FP2, FP-M's programming port, no other adapter cable.
Characteristics and technical specifications:
• Support for USB-AFC8513 the operating system does not support: Windows2000/XP (WinNT4/95/98/Me/DOS)
• Support for USB-AFC8513 the programming software version: FPSOFT V2.0 and above
• Fully compatible with USB V1.1 and USB CDC V1.1 specification
USB bus-powered, the current consumption of about 50mA
Baud Rate: 300bps ~ 1Mbps standard baud rate automatically adapts
Support UART data format: Data bits: 7, 8, stop bits: 1, 2, parity bit: odd / even / no parity
Each PC only supports a USB programming cable
Operating Temperature: -20 to +75 C.
Cable length: 3 m, color: black
How to use:
USB-AFC8513 programming cable adapter will need to install USB device driver in order to use these drivers are included in the sale of the CD-ROM with the product, installation method, see the instructions on the documentation in the driver CD, not repeat them here.
Driver installation is complete, in the Windows Device Manager will be USB-AFC8513 corresponds to the COM port, simply select the COM port in the programming software or other application software and other communication parameters, use the default settings, the next programming using the same traditional RS232 interface cable is exactly the same.


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