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USB-XW2Z-200S-VH,OMRON USB-XW2Z-200S-VH,The second generation Omron USB-XW2Z-200S-VH PLC cable,Omron PLC


USB-XW2Z-200S-VH,OMRON USB-XW2Z-200S-VH,The second generation Omron USB-XW2Z-200S-VH PLC cable,Omron PLC
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USB-XW2Z-200S-VH,OMRON USB-XW2Z-200S-VH,The second generation Omron USB-XW2Z-200S-VH PLC cable,Omron PLC programming cable


The second generation yellow cable features:

1, Select the British FIDI original conversion chips, ensure the stable characteristic of communication, and is not easy to break off, communicate compatibly with USB1.0 and 2.0.

2, all cable plugs are gold-plated, contact with good condition, antirust.

3. All circuit board adopts the SMT Patch technology which guarantee quality is reliable; reduce chips’ hand soldering damage.

4, full manual standardized testing to ensure that each product pass the factory inspection before selling.

5, all cable adopts the zinc alloy enclosure, protection circuit board also with the anti-jamming.

6, 5.5MM diameter cable, with shielding, ground electrode and anti-jamming.

7, a new packaging, a new driver, support XP, VISTA, WINDOWS 7 system, driver with a key type installation.



USB-XW2Z-200S-VH is a kind of programming cable which is connected through the USB interface and serial peripheral signals. Under the control of computer running driver procedure, it simulates USB interface into the traditional serial ports (known as COM ports), that you can use all the existing programming software, communication software and monitoring software and some application software etc. The working power of this cable comes from USB port. It is no longer supplied the power by PLC programming port. The double color shining diode on conversion box indicates transmition-reciveing situation of the data.

USB-XW2Z-200S-VH programming cable applies Omron PLC, can be connected directly to CQM1CPM2A C200H HG HX series RS232 Port programming cable.



Characteristics and technical index:

1. Support USB-XW2Z-200S-VH operating system: Windows/XP (WinNT4/95/98 / Me / DOS does not support)

2. Support USB-XW2Z-200S-VH the programming software version: CX-Programmer V3.0 and above

3. Fully compatible USB V1.1 and USB CDC V1.1 norms

4. USB bus power supply and consume the current about 50mA

5.Baud rate: 300 BPS ~ 1 Mbps standard baud rate automatically ADAPTS to

6. Support UART data format: data bits: 7, 8, and stop bits: 1, 2, parity: odd/that/no parity

7.Each PC only support a piece of USB programming cable

8. Working temperature: -20 ~ 75 degree

9. The cable length: 3 m, color: Yellow 

Method of use:

USB-XW2Z-200S-VH programming cable need to install the USB device driver to use, the drivers are included in the product CD. The installation method, please look at the instructions on the driver disc document material, here no longer tautology.

After the finish of driver installation, the Windows device manager will come out from the USB-XW2Z-200S-VH programming cable USB-corresponding COM port. Just need to choose this COM port in the programming software or other application software. Other communications parameters use default Settings, the next operation steps is the same with the traditional RS232 port programming cable. 


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